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January 21st 2014 Steering Box
March 1st 2014 LS Engine

September 1st 2014 The Van

January 21st, 2014

Bought a Sprint Car steering box, Set it off to Profile to be rebuilt. After a day or two Profile called the steering box was junk and not worth rebuilding. On the hunt for a steering box again.

Steering Box
Broken - Nuts :(

March 1st, 2014

Free LS 5.3 Engine. Mike called to say that he had picked up a free LS 5.3 Engine. The engine was said to have a slight knock.

I got it home and disassembled and discovered it had three spun main bearing and a fryed block journal. The block is now extra weight in the back of my plow truck


More Junk


September 1st, 2014


After 350,000 mile I retired my conversion van. I bought it from Sonny Heck.
I will use the engine and transmission in my T Bucket.

350 Engine
This was the first time I had ever had the dog house off the engine.

Engine  In Van
Ready to pull

Pulled the engine apart and after 350,000 miles of running Mobile One, The wear
is minimal. Ready to take to Scott's Racing Engines for machine work.


The transmission needs work before I can use it. I will take it to Hawk Performance
to be rebuilt.