Hot Cylinders


2017 December


Well we are not going to be using this Master Cylinder to stop the 57

Hydrobooster for the 57 I started with a new Delco AC178-0854 bought off

Modified the end of it to fit the 57 brake pedel. 3/8 NF thread Here is a link
to the video on how to do it.
How to Set up your Hydroboost and Master Cylinder

Bought the adoptor plate for $65, very nice piece

Made a wrench to take the nut off the booster backing plate. Removed the
backing plate and installed a new backing plate below.

CLASSIC EDGE Designs Image

The following is form CLASSIC EDGE Designs, LLC website

Hydroboost mounting adapters

I am now offering Tri5 Hydroboost brake booster adapters. Hydroboost braking
systems operate off of your power steering pump, and provide much better braking
than manual brakes or vacuum boosters.

These adapter plates allow you to bolt an Astro Van (or similar) Hydroboost unit
to a Tri5 in the stock brake master cylinder location. Complete hydroboost brake
kits are fairly expensive, and you can build your own system for much less than
a kit. A key component to the installation is an adapter that allows you to bolt
the hydroboost unit to the firewall. Some clearancing of the firewall hole to
accommodate the large nut is required. All other fabrication work such as
linkage, hoses, etc. is the responsibility of the purchaser. All I'm selling is the
adapter for mounting the hydroboost unit.

I offer the adapter plate in two versions, both made of laser-cut 1/4" steel plate.
They will fit any Tri5 Chevy car, and I understand there are other applications
that use the same mounting pattern (58-64 Chevy?).

The "standard" version is a bolt-in using the existing studs on the brake support
that protrude through the firewall. You can orient the hydroboost such that the
accumulator is opposite the engine for added clearance or at 180 degrees on
the engine side if that's preferred for some reason. The upgraded "hidden bolt"
version is "reversed" such that the four 3/8-24 NF grade 8 studs are welded
into the adapter plate, and makes for a cleaner installation. You will have to
remove the bolts from the stock brake assembly to use this upgraded adapter,
but in my opinion it's worth the minimal effort. The orientation for the upgraded
version is with the accumulator opposite the engine, as shown in the attached
picture, but I can build them opposite by special order.

The standard version is $29.95 and the "hidden bolt" version is $59.95 plus
$5.75 shipping in the US lower 48.

CLASSIC EDGE Designs Image

Added AN6 adptors. Still looking for a AN6 adpture for the return line.

EAR-991955ERL -6 TO 16MM X1.5
EAR-991956ERL -6 TO 18MM X1.5

Bought AN6 caps to keep dirt out and oil in.

Found a AN6 adpture for the return line from the company below.


- 5/16-24 O-ring Male to AN-6 Male 5/8 Hex Size
- S.A.E. 37 / 45 Flare (JIC/AN) 9/16-18 thread
- Surface Seal Type Adapter with O-ring Seal
- NEW! Now produced in stainless steel! 
- Low profile Hydraulic Brake Assist Return Line AN-6
- Adapter with .750” Installed Height
- Fits most all Bendix Type I and Type II Hydraulic Brake
- Assist Units with 5/16-24 Right Hand Thread
- $ 23.95

* WARNING: This HBS-9101 adapter installs into a very small 5/16” port on
the brake assist unit, and it is therefore VERY easy to overtorque this fitting
(which will result in casting thread strippage). This adapter is to be carefully
torqued to 10 Foot Pounds as installed into the brake assist unit. You must
then hold this fitting absolutely stationary with one wrench while tightening
the mating hose end to this adapter with a second wrench to insure proper
levels of success in your installation. Please understand that there is
absolutely no warranty expressed or implied per the nature of this design.

Bought four locking nuts

Two pound residual presure valve

Proportioning value


Bought a pair of Chevy SSR seats for the 57. I wanted a high back seat and
3 point seat belts.

The driver seat has a seat module that controls the fuctions of the seat.
Search the internet for the wiring diagrams and for the connectors. They
are Moser connectors. I was able to purchase the female connectors.

Thanks Moser for selling me what I needed to build a harness



Even got the seat heaters to work.


Made the harness and got all the fuctions working.

Drive seat module (computer), The module powers up when the seat is moved
and goes back to sleep 5 seconds after the seats stop moving.


30 amos to run the seat morors and 8 Amps for the seat module.