Hot Cylinders


Pick Up Build, 1957 Chevrolet

Gas tank mounted.

Driver side four bar

third member fitted to make the J bar Pan hard bar.

decided to tip the shock in a 1/2"

Gas tanks mount

cab back from glass bead blasting

Pulled the shocks off and put 13" ride height spacers.

passanger side of the frame

Passanger Side four bar mount

Boxed in the frame and mounted the "J" Bar pan hard bar

C frame in

Another shot of the "J" Bar mount

Close up of the "J" Bar

Top shock mount all welded up.

Driver side Shock mount

The truck before

Rearend narrowed, pinon centered and four bar mounts welded on.

Sizing up the rearend position.

Ee wiil start with a 225 pound spring

Positing the "C" Frames

Noched into the frame

"C" frames welded in

First draft for the top shock mount, ended up pulling it in another 1/2"

Not low enough yet.