Hot Cylinders


Pick Up Build, 1957 Chevrolet Pickup

Trial fir the brakes

New 3:50 gears for the rearend

Patern tested

J Bar bracket mounted

Ready to install the Rearend

Installed the ALL44111 Studs in the axles 1/2-20 studs

Painted the rear drums with 2000 degree black paint

The J Bar

Mocked up engine

4L65 Transmission all ready to go

IROC steering box

WS thats the quick ratio box

installrd the drag link

Getting ready to make the front clip mounts

Brake lines installed

fitting the front clip

Rearend in installed

13" ride height spacer are installed

Fron clip mount is tacked in place.

It's a bit beefy

redid the seat

rebuilt the hood hings

Well we have a little work to make the engine fit

Needed a oil pan that increases the groun clerance


Frame on the dolly

trany cooler fan sensor

Powered the valve covers and added a billit coil mount

This door needs alot of work

drilled a 39/64 hole and installed the 1/2-20 Studs (Early Ford Studs)

Gas filler plate

my new fender arrived damaged I sent them back

Arm protectors

Disambled the front end

I will set it on the ground and check ride height

C Frames are done